My SPAM shame... Aporkalypse Now!

Sadly I will not be the SPAM cook of 2009. A damn shame. See my recipe here.

I did however win two SPAM pens! and seeing as though the Spammer's don't want me in their competition any more I have decided to set up my own SPAM competition. The Prize is a whole tin of SPAM and a SPAM pen.

All you have to do is post a comment below and the comment that contains the most interesting URL to SPAM related topic wins. The competition will run until a topic of genuine SPAM interest emerges.


Fat Les said...

Please accept my spammmiserations.

NB Spam pens are worth at least a fiver or more on eBay, especially if they have some kind of competition history to them.

Kavey said...

Heh, well this one surprised me - an entire book on the history of SPAM!

Kavey said...

Oh now you have got me at it, gotta love this game in which the idea is to catapult a cow or toss a coconut to defend your Spamalot castle!

Ooh and what about this fantastic festival of SPAM in hawaii?

Texas being Texas makes it all about the cook off:

OK, NOW I'm going to stop procrastinating by finding SPAM fun and go and do something productive!

eatmynels said...

Kavey - obvious leader of the pack so far - will give it till June 4th until prizes sent packing!

eatmynels said...

Dear Kavey,

Clear winner of the Eatmynels Spam Competition - Congratulations!
Please provide a postal address so that you prizes can be sent to you.
Unfortunately entrants form outside the UK will be subject to a postal charge of £23.76. As this doesn't apply to this years winner please ignore.

Again a warm Spammy round applause to 'KAVEY' for being the triumphant champion of SPAM related trivia contect 2009, a heady leader board this year but there can only be one winner.



Kavey said...

Ha haaa loving it!
Can't believe no one else made the effort. I mean, it's SPAM, people!