National Sandwich Week

Hands down my favourite traditional sandwich has to be the Breakfast Sarnie, complete with sausage, bacon, fried egg and a liberal application of ketchup. In response to The Paunch’s request for sandwich reviews in light of British Sandwich Week this mighty classic makes an appearance.

Some say that the English breakfast is wasted when compacted between two slices. How can this be when with each mouthful each of the purest cooked breakfast elements meld into one warm comforting chomp of happiness. Evocations of home, time well spent relaxing, recuperating, and ruminating all fall together when a bite is taken.

Homeliness is the key factor. Having reproduced the layered legend abroad it seems impossible to recreate the distinct flavour and feeling of one made at home, the familiarity of ingredients runs deep!

N.B. Best served piping hot Saturday through Sunday at leisure.


Browners said...

Very porno runny egg. Nice work.

the_infonaut said...

delicious but deadly.

One Pret all day breakfast sandwich has more salt than six bags of ready salted crisps.

But so worth it.

What are your variations?

- TK or HP?
- Fried or poached?
- Streaky or back?

I like Marmite in mine...

idiot souvent said...

@ the_infonaut

Pret all day breakfast? Terrible sandwich from all angles.

Many would call me a heathen to roll with ketchup but I'd go with:

Fried (ideally in butter)

idiot souvent

eatmynels said...

@ infonaught

chunky back with generous rind
fried deep
never on sliced white

whats Pret?

the_infonaut said...

pret all day breakfast sandwich

Helen said...

Love it. Classic hangover sanger. I would have to insist on brown sauce though.

Browners said...

The Sandwichist post is now live on Londonist.

Thank you so much for your review. It's great.