Gusta - Supperclub Web Platform

An exciting new platform has been launched that can help discover less traditional eating out experiences. Gusta is a website that presents supper-clubs, home restaurants and underground dining across the world. Currently operating in 16 cities including New York, Buenos Aires, London, Barcelona, Singapore, Berlin, Copenhagen and Paris residents and visitors can easily access the world of alternative dining.

While the site is very much in its infancy, with only 40 underground restaurants so far, Gusta is destined for big things.
High quality images taken by professional photographers free of charge highlight the restaurant descriptions and diner reviews. Fully facebook integrated, with recommendation and sharing capabilities, Gusta will surely go some way towards the mass popularisation of underground dining worldwide.

I asked Carly Chamberlain, Founder of Gusta, if making the
underground dining scene so accessible might it not detract from the appeal and excitement of more illicit eating out experiences, she the commented that: "Every underground dining experience is unique and mysterious, the act of getting there doesn't have to be. We intend to bring new and international audiences to the supper clubs on Gusta with a strong emphasis on SEO and online marketing at scale that would not be feasible for an individual club."

Cash generated through bookings via the site is the main revenue source for owners Carly and Chris. The aim is to provide a meeting place for both cooks and diners where everyone wins also meaning that the supperclub is here to stay. Explore Gusta at

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