Comida #1

Some HDR images and others my friend George kindly took of the inaugural Comida Divertida. It is pretty tricky to remember to snap your food while trying to send it out, so apologies for the lack of them.

More dates announced soon, hopefully early June. If anyone has any good venue ideas they would be gratefully received. I hope to see more of you down there next time.

(Images courtesy of G.Beasley)


The London Foodie said...

Hi Charlie, good pics, I might be borrowing them for my post if you don't mind! Luiz @ The London Foodie

eatmynels said...

Sure you can use the photos Luiz, please credit G.Beasley. Thanks.

Kavey said...

Just found out about this via Luiz' blog post, can't believe I missed the twitter buzz.

Would love to attend the next one, if you have a mailing list, please can you add my hotmail address to it (the one you already have).


theundergroundrestaurant said...

How did it go?
The menu sounded fantastic