Monkfish and Beet Tartare at the Blaggers' Banquet

Blaggers Banquet I clambered into the whites rolled out the knifes and pushed on to get the starter done. In collaboration with the Scandelicious Signe we decided that I would make monkfish and beet tartare and for this we managed to scoop the best monk tails available on this island.

Paul Trudgeon from Fish for Thought, based in Cornwall, heroically drove all the way London on a Sunday to make sure we had the freshest possible produce to give the banquet diners. He arrived at 2 pm with more than 4 kilos of gleaming fish. The recipe I was using (based heavily on this one) recommended that the fish marinades for 8 hours before the fish is sliced and diced; time I didn’t have. Having prepped the tomato, walnut oil and, sherry vinegar marinade in the morning I had no choice but to dice the fish and combine the two and leave it for as long a possible before plating.

I decided to ‘autumn-up’ the dish with the addition of a beetroot disk under the tartare stack and dress the plate with a zingier concasse than the recipe suggests, capers lemon juice helped here. This dish isn’t a molecular masterpice but the flavours are quite subtle and can’t be messed with too much, the freshest of fish is essential. It would have been improved had the fish been marinated whole overnight as the tails would have taken on more flavour and a drier mix would have produced a dish slicker in appearance.

A massive thank you to Fish for Thought who not only made the ten hour round trip to deliver the star ingredient for my starter but they also donated a £50 voucher for the auction. The night was a great success, lots of money was made for Action Against Aunger and it was a huge honour to be able to cook for fifty discerning paying guests. Hats of to everyone who helped out front and in the kitchen, but especially Signe and Niamh! more images of the BB available here

All Photographs by Mark N - -

more images of the BB available here


Scandilicious said...

Great post Charlie, you and Paul were our piscine heroes :-)

Looking back on the dish am now regretting not snaffling one of the ramekins off you while plating up...

Looking forward to the next banquet already - you were a star in the kitchen dude x

Helen said...

Bloody well done! It looks really delicious and what a generous donation. I wish I could have been at the banquet. It sounds brilliant and a seriously impressive effort from all involved.

Ollie said...

They look bloody delicious, Charlie - was gutted not to make it. Really well done.

Food Fiend said...

Well done Charlie! It looks like you did a bloody great job - they look lovely and fresh. It sounds like it was an amazing day and I was so sorry not to make it. Hopefully see you at the next one

Gourmet Chick said...

This was such an amazing dish and I agree that Fish for Thought were just brilliant