Come Dine Round Mine part II

We would all like to write our own reviews in an ideal world. Can you imagine the stained laminated boastings of the greasiest of spoons declaring their deep fried mix grill to be the 'best in town' a 'culinary triumph' a 'well balanced interpretation of an old classic'. It may make for a more level playing field; everyone could have a crack at the RP whip and it could be a case of 'who dares wins' - sadly there is never enough space for all the food outlets to get a fair percentage of the market and the better places are sure to reign.

I am rambling far from the point of the this post which is to outline the menu for Come Dine Round Mine part II (CDRM). In relation to the inane sentences above i am not going to shake my adjectives and get down with the similes as it would be most innapropiate and with any luck we will have a diner review coming soon.

The menu (partially pictorially illustrated):

Olives and sweet paprika almonds


Spanish duck rillettes (pepped up with loads of cumin seed, fennel and thyme) with purple radishes and crusty bread


Sea bream with a vierge sauce (olive oil, lemon, chilli, mint, cherry tomatoes & spring onion) blanched fennel and a beet smash


Poached peaches and a Cava granizado - the mulling liquid is reduced further frozen and stirred until a sweet boozy slush is achieved.... works so well and is refreshing enough to leave room for cheese.


Cheese - Gorgonzola dolce, Stilton, Comte,

Independent diner review to come....

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Dan said...

Looks like dinner round yours is something to look forward to, going by the menu and pics. Be very interested to read the review!